Promise of Web3 and Decentralization

  • People don’t want to run their own servers, and never will.
  • A protocol moves much more slowly than a platform.
  • NFT marketplace looks similar to centralized websites and databases instead of blockchain based distributed state.
  • The blockchain lack client/server interface for interacting with the data in a trustless fashion.
  • The dApp clients often communicate with centralized services such as Infura or Alchemy and lack client side validation.
  • Blockchain does not store data for NFT, instead it only points to URL and it lacked hash commitment for data located at the URL.
  • Crypto wallet such as MetaMask connects to central services such as Etherscan and OpenSea without client-side validation.
  • We should accept the premise that people will not run their own servers by designing systems that can distribute trust without having to distribute infrastructure.
  • We should try to reduce the burden of building software because distributed systems add considerable complexity.




Lifelong learner, technologist and a software builder based in Seattle.

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shahzad bhatti

shahzad bhatti

Lifelong learner, technologist and a software builder based in Seattle.

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